Thursday, 22 May 2008

Sunday Times Green List - show me the money

The Sunday Times Green List was announced on Sunday.

I discovered that I/we have worked with no less than four of the Top Ten which is amazing. I will leave you to guess which four. (Answers on a postcard! - actually it is four out of the Top Nine!)

For whatever reason, I hadn't been aware that these companies were going for the award (or maybe I worked with them a while ago) so the Top Ten status was a total surprise to me.

Being shortlisted to the Top 10 in the country, or winning the award for an industry or a region is a clear marker in the sand in terms of your green credentials...

Brilliant as a way to separate your brand from 'the rest', great for staff morale, good for sales and profits. And great for the environment. This is the exact message that our Barclays seminar Let's Talk... Green Business communicates to its audiences.

“Let’s Talk… Green” in Liverpool – it’s about the money!
Let's Talk... Green/Profit/Marketing/Exit events with Barclays and The Directors' Centre
Is Green The New Black? - Robert Craven explains why going green will not just benefit the environment (Start Your Business, November 2007)

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