Monday, 12 May 2008

Marketing is a battle for the mind - coke vs pepsi

Marketing IS NOT a battle for the product... but is a battle for the mind! The evidence...

The Times reported a few years ago 'A preference for the taste of Coca-Cola or Pepsi lies in the mind as much as on the tongue. Scientists have discovered that when people know which of the two brands they are drinking, their brains respond differently to when they taste the drinks “blind”.

The findings, the result of brain-scanning technology, show how easily cultural influences can affect perceptions that most people think are created by their senses alone. They demonstrate in stark neurological terms the way in which brand images and aggressive marketing sway choices made by the brain.

On this measure, Coca-Cola appears to be doing a better job: the study found a characteristic pattern of brain activity in volunteers who knew they were drinking Coke, but nothing comparable for those who knew their fizzy drink was Pepsi. '


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