Thursday, 8 May 2008

The Elusive Magic Million - republished due to a virus comment

Thanks PRPR for alerting us to the unpleasant/viral nature of one of the comments to this the original post. We have deleted the original post and replaced it with this 'cleaned' one

The Elusive Magic Million
The publication of the The 'Magic Million' Boardroom Briefing has caused more than a few ripples.
The survey set out to find out what the 'successful' do differently from the rest.

People are now asking:
"Surely its not that simple?
"Why aren't more people doing this? What's stopping me from doing it?"
"Won't the recession bring it all to an end?"
The article in Growing Business, The Elusive Million is a pretty good summary, or you could could email Trish for a copy of the actual briefing at

The Magic Million - webpage
The Elusive Million - how to break through the £1m barrier and why you need a sound exit strategy (Growing Business, April 2008)
Getting a million out of the business - excerpt from The Magic Million Boardroom Briefing (SMEweb, April 2008).

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