Thursday, 29 May 2008

'Grow Your Business - Now' - Bright Marketing session

'Grow Your Business - Now' is the title of the three-parter we've just been running on the outskirts of Bath.

Some seventy-odd businesses squeezed into the Leigh Park Hotel for the second workshop, 'Bright Marketing', and were hit between the eyes with the tough questions:

"What did you say you'd do when we last met and what have you actually done? Why?"
"Why should people bother to buy from you?"

"What makes you different from the rest?"
"Where do you want to be in three years?"
"What's holding you back and what are you going to do about it?"

While the morning was all very light and bright and chatty, the delegates were taking the questions to heart and the feedback confirmed that to us.

This unsolicited testimonial came in just this morning (company name/product disguised to 'protect the innocent' - permission given to share the quote):

"Having applied the 'Bright Marketing' philosophy, raised our prices, selling on USPs and going back to old clients and getting referrals, the orders are coming in!!

We've started to price every unit properly adding 25% for overheads, we have also decided to make sure that each job gets us at least 35% profit margin.
Our part-time secretary is sorting out our office and creating systems and formulas - Bleedin Hell, you should be proud!"

Bright Marketing - the book
Bright Marketing - the workshop
Grow Your Business - Now - the workshop (sponsored by Mowbray Woodwards, Jelf, RBS & Juice) - more photos will be put on this page next week!

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