Saturday, 8 December 2007

Green Is The New Black - Tara Struk

An article by Tara Struk for Investopedia, Green Is The New Black, concludes:

"1 As consumer attention begins to shift more toward environmental concerns, companies are increasingly "going green".

2 But despite what their public relations suggest, companies probably don't take the initiative to make these changes to their companies out of goodwill.

3 In fact, as many companies have discovered, there are solid economic incentives for reducing waste and moving toward more sustainable business measures.

4 By "going green" companies have already succeeded in reducing costs and increasing sales.

5 In the future - particularly if the dire predictions about the availability of energy resources bear out - these moves may also ensure that companies maintain market share, avoid legal repercussions for environmental damage and stay in business.

Green products score points with consumers... staying ahead of the curve is good business... going green is better than going to court... green is a flattering colour (in PR)... "

So, what's holding people back? Is it all just a lot of buffalo dust and lip-service or are people serious about going green? In which case, sell the car and cancel the plane trip! Or are people just in love with the idea of going green (or being seen to be going green)?! Or is it just a conspiracy...? Maybe you think it doesn't matter that so many businesses realise that green is licence to charge disproportionately high prices and make disproportionately high profits!? Hmmm!

Is Green The New Black? - Robert Craven explains why going green will not just benefit the environment (Start Your Business, November 2007)
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Coming Soon - "Let's Talk... Bright Green" - how green credentials can help your business: a new workshop from Robert Craven with Barclays - watch this space and The Directors' Centre homepage.

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