Sunday, 7 October 2007

Global Warming - No Problem

Today's London Sunday Times reports on Bjorn Lomborg's latest book, Cool It.

'Do you care about global warming? Yes? Liar.

'You still drive and fly. Your house lacks solar panels and windmills. You drive to super-stores where you buy food laden with air miles...: nobody really cares about global warming, they just talk about it.

'“The vast majority,” says Bjorn Lomborg, “are along for the ride. They’ve kids to pick up from day care, jobs to get on with, marriages to work on. This is a background phenomenon to many of these people.”...

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Sunday Times article.

'“There’s a huge difference between what people say and what they do,” observes Lomborg...

'Look at all the websites where you can take a flight and offset your carbon. Only about 1% do it. Likewise this goes for most politicians who say they will cut emissions dramatically. Blair said in 1997 that he’d reduce carbon emissions by 15%; we’ve seen an increase of 3% since then.”
Nobody denies that we waste too much or that it us that is causing many of the climate changes... the question is whether we are doing the right things to sort it out!

Sunday Times article

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