Thursday, 6 December 2007

Guerilla Marketing meets Customer Is King

Guerrilla Marketing - When Less Is More - yesterday, the B2B International blog writes:
“Without vast marketing budgets to call upon and with acute time-pressure upon employees, small businesses can sometimes struggle to generate interest in their company.”

It then goes on:
“Finding the most efficacious promotional strategy possible is something of a Holy Grail for SMEs... In essence, focus is key. That’s why the notion of guerrilla marketing has become a bit of a buzzword amongst marketers in recent years.

A simplified distillation of this technique is as follows:
- Concentrate your efforts on small, focused areas of promotion that are effective; and
- Repeat them over and over again. “

I agree.

And the key themes:
- step back
- don’t do too much
- narrow your focus
- repeat it again and again

Today their blog continues with the theme of
Professional Services and Valuing the Customer and writes:
“Following on from
yesterday …we look at the poor level of service sometimes given to small companies by firms offering professional services. Everyone’s a consumer at some level, and as Robert Craven argues, SMEs should be valued customers just as much as anyone else..”

It goes on to quote the Better Business
Customer Is King article in this month’s edition.

A minor PS – anyone who knows me would know that I can’t stand the SME tag and would never use that label myself – a theme for another blog, I am sure. Still I would still like to thank the B2B International team for pointing people towards the Better Business article – all the usual copyright legals apply!

Guerrilla Marketing - When Less Is More B2Bi blog
Professional Services and Valuing the Customer B2Bi blog
The original Customer Is King article Better Business magazine

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