Saturday, 17 January 2009

Be Remarkable #3: better/different or perfect/remarakble

In the blog entry, Bright Marketing Manifesto - better/different, I say that...

"If there’s a choice between being better or different then different wins every time – Ideally you should be different and better." [Stop trying to be better and start trying to be different.]

This statement always rattles a few people who you can hear saying things like "but surely better is better...? Why wouldn't customers buy the best product...?"

Well, I'd like to move that statement on a stage... Replace the word 'better' with 'perfect'... and replace the word 'different' with the word 'remarkable'. And you get...

"Stop trying to be perfect and start trying to be remarkable."

Remarkable - a simple word which means...
"worthy of attention" .

In the words of the book the Big Moo,

"Bringing remarkable ideas to market depends on the vehicle transporting them - you. Stop trying to be perfect and start being remarkable."

In a recession there are no medals for creating perfect solutions. Why would someone buy your product if they are not aware of it? You need to create something that people will be aware of - something that they will notice. Something remarkable - worthy of being remarked about!

So - why should people bother to buy from you?. This question is more relevant now than ever before!

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