Thursday, 15 January 2009

Be Remarkable #2 - repeat/updated posting

BE REMARKABLE means 'worth making a remark about'.

Are you boring, dull, mediocre, average, run of the mill...?
Are you exciting, challenging, different, refreshing, worth talking about?

Being noticed is easy - just pull a stunt (streak at the next football match).

Doing something that other people talk about is something else.

And don't try to please everyone - you just want the people who can help your cause to be talking about you (the sneezers, the movers and shakers, people with otaku)

Being reasonable will not make you remarkable.

It is the zebra that leaves the herd that gets noticed; in business it is great to get noticed but maybe it is not so clever in the jungle...

but few can sustain the tag of being remarkable: The Beatles... Fender Stratocaster... Mercedes Gullwing... Mohamed Ali... Herman Miller Aeon chair...

Bright Marketing - the book
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