Saturday, 10 January 2009

Professional Service Firms and Smaller Businesses

While casually googling I just fell upon an article of mine entitled
Professional Services and Valuing the Customer

It is worth a look:

"Continuing the theme of the challenges facing small businesses, today we look at the poor level of service sometimes given to small companies by firms offering professional services. Everyone’s a consumer at some level, and as Robert Craven argues, SMEs should be valued customers just as much as anyone else..."
Read more at Professional Services and Valuing the Customer

This one was aimed at accountants!

And here’s an accountant joke from an accountant's website:

A young accountant dies. He immediately goes up to heaven (wishful thinking we know) and meets Peter. Because Peter is an organised sort of Saint, he goes through the required details...

Peter: How old are you?
The accountant: 33
Peter: That's impossible!
The accountant: Why?
Peter: I have looked at your time sheets and examined the hours that your have charged your clients - by my reckoning you are at least 97!
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