Monday, 29 September 2008

Bright Marketing Manifesto - the mind of the customer Part two

After the brief blog entry Bright Marketing Manifesto - the mind of the customer several people (including Karin H ) have asked me to expand on the "marketing is a battle for the mind of the customer" line of thought.

In a nutshell, people buy what they THINK is the best product or service - often they don't know or have the objective information to know what is the best product/service for them - so they buy the product that they THINK is the best... So you will sell more if people think your product is the best!

Quoting from an earlier book chapter...

The Law Of Perception states that

Marketing is a battle of perceptions and not simply a battle of products.

Most people seem to assume that, in the battle for customers, it is the best product that wins. This is clearly not the case. The winner is the product that customers believe to be the best as proven by whether they buy or not.

While the product's quality or features may play an important part in the buying decision, there are many forms of persuasion which will have influenced their thinking - brand image, company reputation, or competitor comparisons to name but a few, and all of these are perceived. The job in hand is to win over the customer's mind.

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