Sunday, 26 October 2008

Testimonials etc etc

I am a great fan of testimonials - they are so much more convincing than anything you can write yourself... they are in the voice of another customer/client and so the reader can relate to the comments in a way that is different from the way that they would read your own words.

An Example: Baiju Solanki, Director of Performance Coaching and Training Ltd features the Let's Talk More Profit Seminar in his blog as follows:

I recently attended a workshop run by Robert Craven. The workshop was on how to make more profits. The key thing when running your own business, and what you can do to make more profits, is to be open minded about what others are doing and to really look at what works for you. As someone, who not only delivers, but also attends workshops, I am always fascinated how the same old things, when put to you in a different way can have a positive impact... Read more

Performance Coaching and Training - their
Let's Talk More Profit - free seminars

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