Thursday, 23 October 2008

Corporate Responsibility Top 100 in Sunday Times

In May 2008, The Sunday Times published the Top 100 companies for CSR: Number Four was BHP Billiton.

Certain members of the team here at The Directors' Centre are puzzled by this.

I remember members of my team refusing to work on a project with BHP - they refused because of BHP Billiton's CSR record!! A quick search on google for "BHP Billiton CSR record" still generates some interesting links.


Sunday Times Top 100 - pdf - also go to BITC for the full commentary
Corporate Social Responsibility Is Immoral, Unfair And Damaging - It is tantamount to signing a death warrant for your employee’s job security. (CEO Magazine, Aug 2006).
Green Is The New Black - Tara Struk - despite what their PR suggest, companies probably don't make changes out of goodwill.
Barclays Let's Talk Green Business - events where you can discuss how to create a greener business

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