Friday, 13 November 2009

Getting Gold Star Service For A Bronze Price - little things...

Thursday 09:00:
see the computer I want on the Misco website and phone
up to get a RAM upgrade added to the pack.

“No problem” the man says, "but it will take up to three days to be fitted and tested what with the weekend on the way etc”. Fair enough I say to myself.

The next discussion is about delivery. Do I want ‘standard’ which is 4-5 days or ‘super express’ for the extra ten pounds? Not being in a rush I was happy to wait the extra few days.

“Fine” says Andy, “in which case your computer should be with you in 8 working days, maybe less, maybe more”.

I hand over my credit card details and pop a note in my diary to chase up the machine if it hasn’t arrived in the next fortnight. Because I am a past customer they have all the correct delivery details already. Excellent. It is now 10.00am.

Friday 08:45:
The doorbell rings and there’s the postman standing there with
my new computer in his hands!

How did that happen? It is a tad under 23 hours since I put the phone down
in which time they have found the obscure Toshiba model I had ordered, fitted and tested the extra RAM, reboxed it and sent it off so that it was with me for breakfast the next day.

Talk about under-promise and over-deliver. Talk about exceeding customer expectations. Talk about blowing the customer away. So, Misco, to quote Eminem, “I’m your biggest fan!”
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