Friday, 20 November 2009

Fed Up With Your Job?

Here's some random thoughts if you feel trapped in your job and want to jazz it up. Some variations on a theme.

  1. Redesign where you do the job – disappear to the internet cafe

    Show the company how you can give them what they want faster or cheaper but doing it your way,
    eg working from home or an internet cafe or getting someone else to do the paperwork.
    Keep the company’s best interests at heart. Create a business case for doing it your way. Demonstrate the upside and minimal downside for the company. You work when you want to. The company gets better value for money.

  2. Redesign Your Life – Become the Outsource – disappear to Thailand

    Create a proposal to automate your job (using Virtual PAs, better computer systems and email autoresponders) so that you don’t have to physically be present. Move to somewhere cheap,
    eg Thailand, and work UK hours via Skype phone and conferencing, email and the web to deliver the same service.
    You get to live like a millionaire, sit by the sea and go scuba diving. They get the same if not better service from you.

  3. Go freelance – jump ship

    Make yourself indispensable. Create a niche or centre of expertise. Offer to go freelance and deliver the same product/service (in half the time at twice the hourly rate). You end up getting all that free time; they still get your expertise. Spend the other half of your time doing other work or practicing your golf swing.

  4. Mini-Retirement – you won’t get it unless you ask for it…

    Propose that you were thinking of leaving but would like to suggest an alternative: a mini-retirement with a return to work guaranteed. Take, say, 12 or 16 weeks to do that trip you always wanted to do.
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