Friday, 25 April 2008

'Let's Talk...' Seminars and Workshops - Something old, something new...

The Barclays ‘Let’s Talk…’ Roadshow is gearing up to go back on the road next week!!!

19 events in 19 cities… four seminar titles, two speakers and some 2000 delegates! All in the space of 12 weeks. Great excitement!

The ‘Bright Marketing’ and the ‘More Profit’ seminars are back ‘due to popular demand’- most of these events are on the verge of reaching full capacity. These events are all about you figuring out how to get better and more profitable clients for your business and making your business more profitable.

The ‘Let’s Talk… Exit… Grow, Sell, or Retire’ event is for those of you thinking about how to get out of the business.

The ‘Let’s Talk… Green Business’ events are being led by the wonderful
Kiki Maurey. A new programme title that was piloted to huge acclaim in Liverpool.

You can find out more at the Let’s Talk webpages and you can book online.

All the workshops have the usual balance of the practical, the challenging and the goading elements. Stunning feedback from past delegates.

Barclays ‘Let’s Talk…’ Programme – webpages and online booking
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Let's Talk... Exit, Sell or Retire
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