Friday, 25 April 2008

Meeting, talking, developing relationships

We've recently been doing a mini-survey in-house to track how and when we first make contact with potential clients and then map out their 'customer journey'.

What is obvious is that we need to meet and 'press the flesh', often a number of times, to build up trust, rapport and understanding. Running workshops is a great way to get the ball rolling - you meet people who are interested in what you've got to say and they can test-drive you with no obligation... others come along to see what's going on and that's all part of developing the brand and the community of users, raving fans and ambassadors.

Next week we are starting a three-part programme
Grow Your Business Now in the South-West near Bath. Three morning workshops, each about two weeks apart... free to attend... focusing on 'taking your business to the next level'. I will be delivering the Kick-Start session using material that has only been used in premium-priced Kick-Start strategy sessions. Paul and Guy will be also be running sessions on actually making things happen in the business.

It will be a great opportunity to be in a room of like-minded business people and to take away tools that will help you increase the profitability of your business.

It starts 2nd May and places are limited so sign up now.

Grow Your Business Now - a one-off series of three free workshops for owner-managers and entrepreneurs.

The Directors' Centre - more on the award-winning consultancy for growing businesses

Let's Talk... - a series of 19 workshops starts next week, right across the country. Titles include: More Profit, Exit, Bright Marketing, Greener Business

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