Thursday, 19 July 2007

A Great Event in Newmarket!

I was asked, "So, when you do your Let's Talk events around the country what makes a great workshop or seminar? Why are some better than others?". A great question.

The Newmarket Let's Talk More Profit seminar sprung to mind.

I won't bother you with the detail.

100 guests arrived (only 90 had booked in!), the Barclays team who were running the event 'meeted and greeted"(?) with charm and courtesy and so we squeezed all 100 guests plus 10 Barclays hosts on to ten tables designed for seven people per table. And then the event kicked into gear and was one of the buzziest, fun, stimulating events for months.

Newmarket delegates were keen/challenging/enthusiastic/passionate/willing to talk about their businesses/honest/thoughtful; these people reacted to the 'More Profit' agenda ("how can you increase your profit? how? how?") to create a great event.

But having fun on the day is the easy bit; the real proof of the pudding is in what happened to the delegates after they left.

Feedback to date was astounding:
"I have put prices up 10% and it hasn't put anyone off."
"I went back to the office and sacked my customers from hell - I feel so much better."
"I have phoned every one of my Top Twenty clients and asked for more business - so simple, so obvious."
"Sales up 20%, profits up 25%, smile on face up, up, up!

My point is not about me but about what makes a great event. The recipe seems to be:
- A hungry audience - so give them what they want
- Content and material that works for the audience - so give them stuff they can take away and use
- a great welcome/farewell - so make sure all your meeters/greeters/hosts/hostesses are 100% 'up for it'.

And thanks once again to everyone at Newmarket for making an event that went with a zing: Dave, Anthony, Mark, Sue and the team from Barclays; and delegates from Webuseful, Uniqlooks, March, Welham, SP and too many to mention.

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