Thursday, 24 April 2008

Growth Strategies Conference

I attended the Growth Strategies Conference yesterday in London – an array of speakers and a good day overall catching up with numerous contacts.

Highlights/most memorable parts of the day: Colonel Tim Collins OBE (honest, no messing), Martin Higginson (breath of fresh air), Doug Richard (not like he is on the Dragon's Den).

A couple of themes echoed loud and clear throughout the day.

1) The findings of the Magic Million survey (coming soon) were totally supported:
“Really great businesses are obsessed with strategy, marketing and teams… and almost certainly some forms of external advice and external finance… a big dose of luck…”. Big tick in the box for the survey.

2) Despite the doom and gloom in the papers, the majority of attendees were optimistic about the future. ( I should think so!)
4% pessimistic… about the next 12 months
23% cautious
56% optimistic
17% bullish.

3) teams, people, teams, people...

4) Bloody FDs - love 'em or hate em', trust 'em or despise 'em... you need one who you can trust... but don't let them run your business

5) It is great to spend a day away from the office and away from ‘business as usual to regroup your thoughts and refocus your energies.

Thanks to all concerned.

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