Friday, 7 September 2012

Where does the money from my books go? African Schools Charity

When I sell books, the proceeds go towards the schools mentioned in the previous blog Schools in Zambia and Botswana

However, books sold on my last trip to Zambia were donated to a ‘good cause’. Daisy at the British Council found us that good cause…

The Jack Cacup Community School in a township/compound 30 minutes from the centre of Lusaka. 500 kids (80% have lost at least one parent to HIV/AIDS), most do their chores before walking up to 6 Km to school where there are two classrooms, 15 foot by 15 foot... a small office 15' by 8' which is used as a classroom. Just do the maths…

Also… No water. No electricity. No Toilets. Voluntary staff.

So, our funds/your contributions, paid for concrete floors to replace the mud/dirt/dust the kids had sat on before. Thank you.

The school put on a great show for us – ex-pupils set up the Sober Youth Entertainment Club to use theatre to teach the dangers of HIV/AIDS, pregnancy, child abuse, corruption. Very powerful yet full of humour.

I was interviewed by Kidzkameraz – four young girls (10-12 years old?) with the ambition to become journalists. Our interview will be broadcast on Zambian TV on Saturday.

A great teaching team inspires the kids to be ambitious and look forward to their future! Wiseman Banda, the head, is one of the world's unsung heroes.

Kidzkameraz – blog of the journalist children at Jack Cecup SchoolTravellers Worldwide - the charity where all the money goes to the recipients - and a good description of the school.


Unknown said...

The girls featured me on their blog "The Managing Director from UK meets Thandiwe" -

Robert Craven said...

The girls featured me on their blog "The Managing Director from UK meets Thandiwe" -

Unknown said...

These links are as live now as they ever were.