Friday, 29 February 2008

“Let’s Talk… Green” in Liverpool – it’s about the money!

A brilliant day today at the Marriott by Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport. The subject: “Let’s Talk… Green Business”.

So, why was it good?
A great audience (120+) and three excellent presentations from ‘experts’ in their fields: Cameron Scott from the award-winning
Greenfield Training, Jim Collins from award-winning RS Clare and Nick Ward from Envirowise.

Key ‘aha’ moment…
From a straw poll on the door asking, “What do you think is the key benefit of ‘greening’ your business?”, there were 100+ replies and the voting was

32: money/profit/reduce costs
31: marketing/sales/PR10: money and the environment
9: environment/save the planet
5: staff/morale
2: it is our core business

So... some 60% of our sample saw the key benefit as marketing/money-related. This was definitely a room full of business people seeking to understand how to grow their businesses into ‘green businesses’. Excellent!

Also thanks go to Nigel and the team at Barclays Merseyside for hosting such a great event… and of course Gina from the local Business Link.

Let's Talk... Green/Profit/Marketing/Exit events with Barclays and The Directors' Centre
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