Wednesday, 17 March 2010

It is not about the price - how do you create value?

In my travels I regularly hear words to the effect of: “I am tired of being hacked off with mediocre service from the big companies and next time I am going to buy local and pay more so that I get what I want.”

You don’t want customers who are buying on price/cost/features – in the long run they will do you no favours. Low price means that people buy on price.

High prices mean that people buy on VALUE.

So, how do you create value?

When people buy from you, what is the value that you are offering? Most of us obsess about selling the features but please stop and reconsider. What is the value that you are giving the client?

You must think value… value… value. What is left AFTER I am gone?

How am I able to add value to the customer/client? What can I do to do more than simply deliver the product/service?
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