Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Independent Businesses - all so different

I got flamed recently on BusinessZone for saying that businesses go bust because either they are not able to, or they are not capable of, surviving.

I was accused of being negative, cynical, dissing the unemployed and their families and so on.

Meanwhile on my own blog I got heralded and congratulated for my honesty in the comments ( So what’s going on?

There seem to be two stereotypes of entrepreneur co-existing in the world (yet they are treated as one homogeneous group).

The first group is what I call the “Blameless Poor Me SME” – always using the word “they“ to describe the reasons for their difficulties: the banks, accountants, customers, staff – they are always the problem. Not that “I” am ever the problem. Curious that one!

The second group is the innovative and inspiring “can do” entrepreneurs.

The conundrum is that we talk about ‘entrepreneurs’ and choose the relevant definition to fit the circumstances.
So, the whinging helpless, complaining business people who feel that they are owed a living just because they run their own business co-exist in the Government's and the Press’s eyes with the other group who are also described as ‘entrepreneurs’.

The other group are the new wave of innovative and creative thinking who challenge the boundaries of current thinking to come up with new and different ways of satisfying customer demand.

These groups are not the same.
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