Monday, 22 February 2010

Business Link: Should It Stay or Should it Go?

The conservatives are quite clear; they want to scrap Business Link. [We Need To Halt Meddling] Not quite sure what they will do with the money but that’s the world of politics and promises... to buy votes – or is it?

I asked for a show of hands at the Small Firms Summit in Burnley.

Who wanted to keep the Business Links? 45 hands went up
Who wanted to get rid of them? 5 hands went up
Who didn’t care? 70 hands went up

Again the ‘don’t cares’ represent the majority – the silent/disinterested majority.

I don’t mind people being 'for' or 'against', but 'not caring' is a problem.

Without starting on the “small businesses are the backbone...” monologue I must say that I am disappointed that so many people just don’t seem to care that much.


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