Monday, 3 August 2009

Business Link, business support and passion

At a recent presentation I was asked, "Have you got it in for the Business Link?".

Actually the answer is "No I have not got it in for the BLs - I want them to do really well, to blow people away with legendary value-adding service".

In principle I think that anything that helps people run better businesses is a good thing.

My concern is that
1) no-one seems to care and
2) there are numerous examples of BL under-delivering in the customer's eyes (and if you even have to think about who the customer is then 'I rest my case'!)

So a quick visit on my recent postings on the subject:

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I admit to playing Devil's Advocate and no, this is not BL-bashing, but actually quite the reverse. I have recently been involved in some really first-class and excellent BL projects so I know that BLs can deliver in every sense of the word.

Our businesses deserve the best, most appropriate, most relevant business support that is available ('free' or 'subsidised' or' paid for' is not the point).

Tax payers' money is used to deliver a service that should be blisteringly powerful for individual businesses and the business community. It is a great challenge.
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