Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Truth Is... No-One Seems To Care About Business Link

Doug Richards totally lambasted the Business Link last week Doug Richards Rips into Business Link (on this blog) and Small Business Support Is Rubbish Says Richards in Management Today.

I felt that this was a brilliant opportunity for the BL to fight back, defending its corner and demonstrating how well is has been doing.

Instead there has been radio silence.

And the extraordinary thing about the radio silence is that it has been radio silence from all concerned... no letters of support from Mr Angry, MD of Widgets Inc..., no hate-mail or poison-pen comments from Bertie Bankrupt... no endless grumbling from Grumpy Old Management Consultants... no letters of complaint from the venomous BL-haters of old... just pure silence.

It is as if no-one cares.

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