Friday, 5 June 2009

Referrer of the Month

FACT: In a world where no-one believes what companies say about themselves, potential customers depend on what others say about you.

FACT: My business grows because of the extraordinary power of word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals.

OUR HERO: Jenny (pictured left) is our hero of the month. To be precise she is our Referrer of the Month at The Directors' Centre. She is remarkable and yet she insists on remaining anonymous. She admits to being a shy-patch and while she loves to help our business (and others) she would prefer to not be identified. Fair enough.

Jenny is one our ambassadors and raving fans. She loves what our business does and she takes every opportunity to share her piece of knowledge, her special relationship, with people she meets.

THIS MONTH: So far this month she has sent us five very warm referrals/leads. Three have already been converted into business.

Jenny tells her business acquaintances what we do and how we do it so when she tells us to "give them a call" then we know that they are pre-qualified potential clients who have been literally been pre-sold our offering.

- Jenny gets no kick-back or commission - she helps our business because she believes that we are "such a good thing"
- We never asked Jenny to help - she just wants to. She says she wants "to give back to and help us" because of how much we helped her
- If we had asked her to help or we had offered her a reward then she would have been offended - this is her thing (hence the anonymity).

- Who are your raving fans and ambassadors?
- Who have you blown away with your legendary service?
- Who have you affected so much that they would want to see others also benefit from your business?
- What would you need to do to get this untapped resource working for you?
- Do you have a formal process for identifying, nurturing and developing relationships with the Jennys of the world? If not, why not?

Most of us have a budget for advertising and web costs etc but we don't have a time and money budget for developing the WOM marketing - yet for many of us WOMM generates most of our new business. Just think about it for a minute.
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