Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Barclays Press Release

A couple of people have pointed me to a PR/'market research' piece that seems to make little sense - let me try to make sense of it for you - my comments in italics.

"Research from Barclays Local Business carried out after the last programme of Let's Talk Profit and Marketing seminars
[some 18 events, 1,800 people attending, Autumn 08], showed that despite the importance of customers, pricing and staff to businesses, these were areas which hadn't had the priority." [Delegates cited customers/pricing/staff as key issues when they arrived at the events - specifically before the event started ie by 09:30]

"By giving business owners the key skills the majority went on to make changes to their business:
  • Seven in ten had confidence to approach new customers
  • 43 per cent sought out cheaper suppliers
  • 43 per cent changed the way they charged for a service"
[After the events the the main changes that delegates had made in their businesses related to customers and pricing - and this was because the workshops, Bright Marketing and More Profit, focused on how to increase sales and profits in your business]

The press release seems to lose the gist of the 'research', which was that people come to the workshops and take action as a result of attending. End of story.

PR/'market research' - the press piece
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