Saturday, 27 June 2009

Lousy Presenters

I listened to her tell me how one should do decent presentations, how the slides should be clear and easy to read, how the presenter must never read the slides off the screen word by word, how she could step in for me if I ever needed a helping hand as she had once spoken in front of 40 people.

And, when I saw her she was dreadful. See the advice above and reverse it. Dull, turgid uninspiring slides with 10-15 lines each... which were read from the screen even though she had a stage monitor... in a monotonous bored voice. The audience started chatting amongst themselves!

And next on was a chap who did exactly the same. And he kept apologising for the industry he came from. And he kept patronising the audience. (I wanted to stand up and shout "We are not morons".)

And then another. Groundhog Day or what!

Might I add that all three have serious Chief Exec/MD salaries.

Hasn't anyone ever read the "Moron's Guide to Presentations?
" Haven't these people ever sat through the dreadful presentations of other people and figured out what made them so dreadful??

Being invited to give a presentation does NOT make you a good presenter.

When the average is so dreadful it is not difficult to be above average.
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