Sunday, 22 February 2009

Teenagers and Sales - reformatted entry

Sales and marketing is like teenage sex – everyone claims they are doing it... but the reality is that most aren’t doing it, and if they are doing it then they aren’t doing it very well.

So, let’s get back to basics (in business and selling!!!)

Jack Trout says:

1 Have a simple idea that separates you from the competition.

2 Have the credentials or the product that makes that concept believable.

3. Build a programme to make your customers/prospects aware of this difference.

Easier said that done.Most salespeople don’t know what they are selling.

They think they are selling a product for its features.

Actually people are buying it for what it does for them as consumers.

This is one of the fundamentals that most new salespeople just don’t get!

You sell floors… they buy easy cleaning

You sell a fast car…they buy something their neighbours will admire

You sell accounting services… they buy ease of mind and reassurance.

Unless you know why they are buying, or even what they are buying, then you are wasting at least 50% of your sales effort.

So, What is it that your customers are buying?

Why don’t you ask them rather than making assumptions?

Why don’t you listen to them rather than talking at them?

What is your simple idea?

What makes you different from the rest? Explain it in ten words.

Only when you understand these fundamentals can you start to build your communications programme.

If the target audience isn’t listening/buying then it is not their fault. It is yours.

(PS This was first posted in Feb 09)

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