Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Credit Crunch Book - The Intro

Thanks for all the feedback (via the blog and direct) about the book. Everything has been taken on board in this period as we work towards the formal launch in March.

Sales of pre-publication copies have been amazing and we are re-stocking as we speak...! Thanks for all your support.

You can look at the Intro to 'Beating the Credit Crunch' if you go to www.directorscentre.com/credit-crunch-intro.pdf

Full launch on 1st March but you can get pre-publication copies now from Lulu . You can get the printed book (£20.00) or a pdf (£10.00).

www.directorscentre.com/beating-the-credit-crunch.php - Webpage about the book
Beating The Credit Crunch - pre-publication-date copies available now via Lulu!!
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