Friday, 27 February 2009


I have just signed up to Facebook... interesting stuff.

The Facebook phenomenon is a no-brainer as a social networking tool but the jury seems to be out with respect to it as a business tool.

As usual there are the networking junkies (who have migrated through Facebook, Ecademy, LinkedIn, Plaxo etc) who will tell you that it (whatever the latest fad is) is the best thing since sliced bread.

I am going to stay with Facebook for at least a month. I have my own page (please do find 'Robert Craven' and please ask to be my 'friend'...) and so does The Directors' Centre (please do find 'The Directors' Centre' and please ask to be a 'fan'...). I will report back in a month and let you know whether it has worked for me.

- I have come across five old school friends ('why didn't we maintain contact for over 30 years?')
- have touched base with five very useful business contacts (excellent)
- rekindled relationships with about another half-dozen people and
- have 'chatted' with about a dozen avid supporters who I didn't even know existed before this week.

So far so good.
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