Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Why I Bought the 'Mail on Sunday'

I am not a regular reader of the 'Mail on Sunday'.

However this Sunday was different -we went to four different newsagents before we could find a copy. And the reason it had sold out was its special offer of the new Prince CD. Later that day I went to a barbecue - they had a copy of it there and everyone talked about it.

What a coup for the Mail on Sunday - amidst all the noise of special/free/two-for-the-price-of-one/unique serialisations/holiday offers and all the other nonsense the news industry use to supposedly woo us to buy their papers, the MoS was head and shoulders above the rest - I wouldn't describe it as a 'once in a life-time offer' but it was pretty good (if you like Prince).

As a result, will the MoS get more people switching to buy their paper more often? I don't know...Or were they just trying to increase sales for one week?

At its simplest, to grow a business you can:

  1. Increase the size of the market - and this offer must have got more people buying the Sunday papers if only temporarily, or
  2. Take customers from your competitors - I am sure that this did that, if only temporarily.
Anyone who has been to one of my recent Let's Talk seminars will know how passionate I am about the Three Plus One ways to grow your business:
  1. Get more customers (expensive)
  2. Get existing customers to buy more (easier)
  3. Get existing customers to but more often (sometimes easy - unless you are a funeral director or divorce lawyer)
  4. Stop customers leaving.

It seems that the MoS gets ticks in all four boxes. But will this tactic improve their sales in the long run?

Chris Garrett also saw the MoS and uses it as a catalyst to ask Does Your Website Have These Friendly Features? . He asks, "Take a good look at the picture above. What do you see? Consider what the publishers have done. Can you understand how they draw us in?" Worth reading.

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