Monday, 16 July 2007

"Post Office - a trusted and reliable brand!!" and my wife's new hairdresser!

The Mail On Sunday reports that "PO staff tell of hard-sell tactics that threaten the trusted High Street giant's reputation".

The article goes on that "there are growing fears that Royal Mail's most precious asset - its reputation as a trusted and reliable brand - will be tarnished by management's determination to boost revenues and profitability".

Meanwhile let me tell you of a great Bright Marketer - my wife's new hairdresser!
  • He phones you up after you have had your hair done to make sure everything is OK (brilliant idea that!)!
  • He offers you big discounts if you successfully invite a friend to go to his salon (a great way to grow his business through referrals from raving fans and ambassadors!)!
  • He trains his staff in customer service by sending them all to go to the Post Office to see how NOT to treat customers (need I say more!)!

So the Mail on Sunday talks about the Post Office's "precious asset -its reputation" meanwhile this hairdresser uses the PO as the classic example of how not to do customer service.

I am with the hairdresser on this one.

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