Sunday, 15 July 2007

If Today is Sunday then Tomorrow is MoAday

Yes - I did write MoAnday - after something we had to instigate with our kids when they were younger.

Don't you sometimes get fed up with certain people moaning - nothing is right... nothing is good enough... You know the characters, they focus 95% of their energy on the 5% that isn't quite right; they find it almost impossible to offer a compliment or say "yes" or "thank you" or "that's great". Well, I might have the solution for you.

MoAnday is basically a NO-MOANING DAY, a moan-free day. We chose to create a MoAnday so that we had a day when a particular child wasn't allowed to moan - and it is not as easy to not moan all day as you might think.

  • Instigate a MoAnday in your workplace - who would you forward to be the first candidate? or should it apply to everyone - you might want to start with a one hour session!

  • What would the effect be on the others in the in office?

  • What might be different? How might things change?

  • Would your customers/clients be affected?

If it worked in our household then I am sure that it will work in your workplace!


Seize the Day - Carpe Diem by Robert Craven

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