Friday, 6 July 2007

The FAQs of Marketing

The first Bright Marketing seminar took place in mid-2002 and since then the workshop has been delivered over 200 times to approximately 15,000 business owners, managers and directors.

Every event has started the same way, asking the question, ‘By the end of this session, what do you want to know how to do?’.
At its simplest, the main themes that the audiences wanted to know the answers to came under one of seven headings:
  • What works?
  • How to communicate? How to get heard?
  • How to focus? How to target?
  • How to measure?
  • How to stand out from the rest/how to be listened to?
  • How to get more sales with no budget?
  • How to make it happen.

In the 200 events we spoke to MDs of multi-nationals as well as owner-managers of smaller businesses and the same themes just kept coming through to us. To give you a rough idea of the top questions they were as follows:

  • How do I get into bigger businesses?
  • What works best?
  • What do people buy?
  • How can I make people buy from us?
  • How do you get the ‘biggest bang for your buck’?
  • How do we know how we are doing?
  • How can we make more money?
  • How much should we invest in marketing?
  • If there was only one thing we could do then what should it be?
  • How can I sell more?
  • How can I get more customers?
  • How can I get more profitable customers?
  • How can I get my team to understand the marketing plan?
So, how well do you score yourself - Can you answer all these questions comfortably for your business?

This was the brief for writing the Bright Marketing book!

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