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About Robert

Robert is one of the UK's best-known and sought-after speakers.

He helps you get more customers and sales in to your business.

Precious few UK speakers combine his academic credentials, entrepreneurship thinking credentials, and communication skills.

How many combine the wisdom of experience, yet offer a fresh and compelling presentation that makes all of that history relevant and pertinent to today’s businesses? 

He is not full of theoretical rhetoric; he offers practical solutions - tangible business results.

Robert's work on customers (getting and keeping them!) has been widely published and acted upon by thousands of businesses.

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Published Books

Specialist Topics

  • Customers – and customer experience
  • Strategy – making it happen
  • Marketing – generating revenue
  • Profit – delivering to the bottom line
  • Service Firms – running/growing professional service firms
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship - making things happen

Sample Topic Titles (2013)

“Customer is King?!”* - more, better customers... and more profit

David And Goliath Work Together! - what small and big business teach each other

Bright Marketing* - why should people bother to buy from you?

More Customers  - how to get more and better customers, now

Disruptive Marketing - playing (and winning) by your own rules

More Profit - how to significantly increase sales and profit

Kick-Start Your Business* - 100 days to a leaner, fitter organisation

10 Things To Do In The Next Ten Days… - to increase sales, profit, cash, customers

Making Strategy (and Results) Happen - how the winners plan and deliver

Beating the Credit Crunch* - survive and thrive in the current recession

Grow Your Service Firm* - how to run and grow a profitable service firm

Entrepreneur’s One-Day MBA  - everything you wanted to know about growing a business but you were afraid to ask!
(* = from book of the same title)


“Robert Craven says that ‘your whole business hinges on what your customer gets from you’. I wholeheartedly agree.”
Sir Richard Branson

"… fundamental in improving our understanding of what it really takes to set up and run a business. In particular, it was great to see the customer satisfaction scores improve materially."
Jerry Blackett, Sales and Performance Director, Barclays Bank plc

“His animated action-packed style demands participation. Robert does not give his audience the option of sitting back and merely reflecting.”
Professor David Storey, Warwick Business School

“One of the UK’s best-known and sought after speakers on entrepreneurship; anyone who has experienced one of his impactive presentations will know exactly why.”
Professional Consultancy Magazine

 “The Entrepreneurship Guru.”
Financial Times

“Inspirational Stuff.”
Christopher Browne, The Independent

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Robert's track record at helping businesses is very impressive. Add to this his broad experience at board level and you will understand how and why he uniquely adds value to all the businesses that he works with.

Alongside his numerous speaking engagements, Robert personally works with a select list of personal clients, acting as mentor to the managing director or the board. Typically these are fast-growth businesses, most of whom have won awards for their exceptional business performance.

Recent clients include: AirBus, Barclays, RBS/NatWest, Land Rover Jaguar, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Warwick and Cranfield Business Schools, E.ON, Nando’s, Serco, Tenon, Post Office Counters, Dept for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS), Virgin, Ritz Carlton, and Sandals... 

International work includes: Spain, France, Cyprus, Greece, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Jamaica, Mauritius, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia, Iran.

As a speaker, Robert shows you and your team what you need to do to grow and develop your business.
His message works in two directions: he shows growing businesses how to be more businesslike; he shows multinationals how to be more nimble.
Robert delivers his message in a straight, honest and frank way - a way that you and your team will understand.  
He helps companies as they face the challenges of growth, showing how to develop and implement strategies that focus on customers and profitability.
His books have been described as 'truly inspirational' by The Independent.


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