Monday, 8 April 2013

Don Draper on Business, Marketing and Sales

"What would Don Draper do?" - what a great question.

Although he is clearly an irascible rogue (he lies, he cheats, he leads people on) he is also sublimely charming. His sales pitches and his ability to get under the skin of the client is a delight to watch. 

While his private life is really a total mess... when it comes to business he is great! 

Lessons From 'Mad Men': Sales Tips From Don Draper:
What a great quote:

"Based on what you've told me, this is what I suggest we do"
I suggest you try this with your  next client meeting.

By seizing the initiative, doing the hard work and appealing to hearts as well as heads, Draper establishes trust. The client in turn surrenders to a salesman who so obviously knows more about an aspect of his business than he does. And as viewers, like his colleague reduced to tears, we too surrender to Draper.

What If Don Draper Had An MBA? - asks an impossible question. It is just so un-Don

What Would Don Draper Do?

Why Don Draper Would Fail in Business Today - not sure they rated Don like others do...

The emotional intelligence of Don Draper

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6 Marketing Lessons From Mad Men’s Don Draper for some great video footage

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Nurture your inner Don Draper I am afraid this one just uses Don in the title...! 

Handling Your Business Like A Mad Man – The Don Draper Way!

Mad Men: Meet Don Draper
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and some How Tos:


and check this out: 

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