Monday, 1 October 2012

Welcome to Entrepreneur Country!

Julie Meyer's book Welcome to Entrepreneur Country has the subtitle 
What it is... How to find it... Why you should go there

So does it work? Does it do what it says on the tin?

Well, I think the answer is 'yes'. I hesitate slightly but that is a good thing.

I was expecting it to be another 'how to... ' or '10 steps to...' or  'I am business celebrity look at me..' or 'my life/struggle written by a ghost writer'-type book or some combination but that is not what this book is.

What it is is part-'my story...' and part-manifesto. Written by the author. 

And to be honest it is a relief to just read an honest explanation of a point of view and how Julie M arrived at it. It is quite a philosophical book in places and yet its message is very affirming and inspiring. I am probably fed up of all the other testosterone/caffeine-fuelled fantasies that claim to be business books. 

Julie M presents her view of why entrepreneurship is so important right now and how it is more accessible  than ever before. It is short at 180 short/small pages and is a good read. It is not all preaching.

So, does she deliver on the strapline What it is... How to find it... Why you should go there? The answer is 'yes'.

It is not a life-changing book but it does get you nodding and agreeing. It presents the argument for Entrepreneur Country and why you should go there. For me it affirmed by belief that entrepreneurship is a power for good (for the individual and for society). 

A breath of fresh air (in a crowded market)!

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