Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Empty Vessels Make Most Noise: Why Jerks Get Ahead

An earlier blog of mine bombed: The Ascent of the A-word
Great concept ("This is an age of assholeism simply because we find the phenomenon and the practitioners so interesting - or provocative or compelling, or compellingly repulsive or all these things at once"), lousy title..

So a new title Why Jerks Get Ahead and more evidence, this time from Forbes:

"As much as we'd rather not admit it, jerks often get ahead in our world — usually at the expense of a lot of other people along the way. Psychological research over the past few years is revealing why. As it turns out, acting like a jerk isn't the secret to reaping the rewards of jerkiness. The real secret is simply letting others place you on a pedestal."

Why Are We Overconfident? in the WSJ:

"Psychologists have long known that people are wildly overconfident in their abilities: Most drivers think they are above average; most academics place themselves in the top echelon of their field...

But why would this cognitive quirk come to exist? You'd think it would be useful, evolutionarily speaking—and, well, just plain useful—to have an accurate understanding of one's abilities. For one thing, you'd know what to work on in order to achieve true excellence, rather than ersatz excellence."


"Overconfident people are perceived as having more social status."


I always thought "Empty vessels make most noise..."

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