Friday, 23 March 2012

No Website... No Worries - living in a post-web world...


Ideas triangulate - they converge from different places so I am wondering/pondering/considering... Is the corporate website dead?

My thinking is simple.

1) Websites feel static, tired, out-of-date
2) Like corporate ads, people don't trust then as much as they do trust word-of-mouth
3) To find out what XYZ Co does/thinks/says and what others think about my XYZ Co, most people will google me and see what they get.
4) Whenever I have a new potential client or partner I ask Twitter and G+ LinkedIn if anyone knows the business and what they think/feel/know/say...

So is the corporate website redundant apart from being what people expect you to have?

The old corporate website is dead! Long live the new corporate website (whatever it is)!

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