Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Andrew Ludlam's Maverick Marketing

Andrew Ludlam's Maverick Marketing is a slim book.

His voice and tone is good; he is neither patronising, smug, nor condescending which is a total relief.

He talks to you about your business in a quietly confident tone.

A small volume that shows you "the essential building strategies for extraordinary business growth" is what the cover says.

Certainly, Ludlam does cover key issues and attitudes to business growth. I found myself nodding and grunting in agreement.

He covers key issues and succeeds in keeping his words to the point. No endless waffle which means you can read the book pretty quickly. However only do this if you are prepared to return to start to uncover the value in the book.
Ludlam is spot on when he says that (and I paraphrase poorly) he can only point you in the right direction but you need to do the hard work.

No empty promises of get-rich-quick schemes in sight. Hurray.

The book is a great intro to business growth and the sort of topics that you would need to work on if you were serious about the subject.

It is clearly an intro to the work that he does and gives you an insight into the tools that he uses in his consultancy work.

As ever, take one nugget from the book and it will be worth its weight in gold. This book has plenty of nuggets.

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Dwatson said...

This has just been posted....

Seen this and generally a good book but has got a slight feel of being self-published. Margins too narrow etc.

On the other hand, it is a serious attempt ie not amateur and does read well. No heavy sales pitch either.