Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Learning To Leap - book review

Shindler's Learning to Leap was a delight to read. And that surprised me!

Having spent many years in the past - 'in the training room' - I am familiar with most of the self-help-y type models and self-assessment tools. This book manages to present its content in a light and refreshing manner.

Digestible and understandable and free of the touchey-feeley nonsense most books in this area always sink to. Phew. Well done David.

I particuluarly like the fact that you can skim OR read, take one idea or a bunch of ideas. The book is accessible and not limited to school-leavers only or redundant managers only.

My only minor observation is about the page formatting which has very narrow margins.

I can see this book being reproduced and focusing on many types of different targets. It could easily be fine-tuned as a book for school-leavers only, or graduates only, or qualifying accountants only. The list is endless.

Shindler has managed to crack the balance between being accessible and yet based on a rigorous and thorough understanding of the subject. His 'voice' is reassuring and not patronising.

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Dwatson said...

Interesting to see that a book is out that covers the touchey-feeley stuff but you feel is worth looking at.  Will check this one out.