Thursday, 5 August 2010

Message From The Business Club

Here's a message that has gone out to members/subscribers of the Business Club. Thought you'd find it of interest.

"There is great excitement here in Bath at the Business Club offices. Things are going to start changing.

Due to popular demand (and impatience on our side!) the Business Club is going to change a little. The Club concept will essentially stay the same (videos, workbooks, articles, thought bubbles, etc … monthly updates… all helping you to grow your business) but we want to focus on actually helping you rather than just talking about it.

What we know and have always known is that the ‘business growing’ thing is all about making the tough decisions and taking massive action. It is not about reading another article and maybe doing something when you think you are ready. (See “What Do You Want To Grow Your Business?”

My worry is that the Club just adds to the mass of reading/watching/listening that you can do to avoid taking action.

To that end we are going to ramp up our game in terms of engaging with you and actually helping you to grow your business. That means more interactions, more talking, more pushing, prodding and poking.

It is too easy to just be nice and keep everyone happy... And have nothing substantial to show for it. What a waste!

Call To Action
So, if you are an entrepreneur or business owner… call me direct to find out specifically how we can help you on 01225 851044. If you are looking to increase sales and profit in your business we can do that.

No ‘download this free report’ squeeze pages followed by a big sales push so that we hit our numbers...

Just a simple message:

“Pick up the phone and talk to us and we will tell you how we can help you grow your business. 01225 851044.” End of story!

Whether it is me or one of the ‘been-there-done-it’ team working with you, we are focused on one objective: getting the most out of your business!


PS The only thing that matters is results. Good intentions are fine and dandy but they don’t pay the bills!"

Directors' Centre Online Business Club - free subscription (for the time-being!) - tools, tips and techniques to grow your business.
Directors' Centre - the new website for the business consultancy that focuses on growing your business.


Andrew said...

We will wait to see what your plan to do.


Lloyd said...

Agreed. You must not "just add to the mass of reading/watching/listening that you can do to avoid taking action."

This would be a waste of your time and skill. So create meaningful products/services that only work towards the goal of improving the businesses of those who choose to be associated/work with you.


Marjory D said...

More intrigue!

Anonymous said...

Interesting to see how this rolls out and how it compares to the other offerings on/in the market.

Richard White said...

Yes - all makes sense. A specific solution-oriented approach is what is required. Enough nice to read things.

Those who can do it don't read. Those who can't need more than just another article.

DIY does not work for most of us.

Richard W

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments.

The Business Club has been a great success with subscriptions out-stripping expectations. A few people have abused the concept but most subscribers have raved about it.

We are working on creating a slightly different format. I will keep you posted.


Andrew said...

Still waiting.


Unknown said...

Be patient.

Andrew said...

Here's my guess.

You have an incredible relationship with Barclays - you bring them tons of credibility: you always talk highly of them and are a gentle ambassador (to be any other way stinks of brown-nosing and will never be believed by the audience - take note other speakers [we know who they are]). I am not sayin it doesn't also benefit you.

The obvious thing to do is to run the Business Club with and for them. Everyone wins.

They get more of you.
You get access to their clients
Their clients get you.
A marriage made in heaven.

I'll bet you a fiver.

Marjory D said...

No-one disputes RC's whiter than white credentials in his relationship with, for and to Barclays. Spot on example of win-win (although I hope they are paying you handsomely).

But, Andrew, who are you referring to. Name names, innitials at least. Does one begin with M,? another begin with R? Am I getting warm.?


Mark Humblestone said...

Just seen your comments here. I agree with you. Said elsewhere that his (their?) coup is to be able to work with the biggest and with the smallest businesses at the same time.
Most small business evangelists (the names you mention?) shoot themselves in the foot endlessly by either making a song and dance of who the enemy are OR they do the brown nose thing. Neither is attractive, honest or sustainable.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the flattering comments bit BUT if you do mention names then your comment will not be published.


Richard W said...

Good for you putting them back on track. While I oppose censorship of most every sort I am also fed up of people endlessly hijacking blog and LinkedIn discussions.

Andrew said...

Still waiting.

Ben said...

and the answer is:

Richard W said...

Good for you putting them back on track. While I oppose censorship of most every sort I am also fed up of people endlessly hijacking blog and LinkedIn discussions.