Tuesday, 27 October 2009

PRESS RELEASE: Kiki Maurey's Let's Talk... Events "get businesses going..."

Kiki Maurey, the keynote speaker for The Directors' Centre, is delivering four Let's Talk events for Barclays.

The 'Bright Marketing' and 'More Profit' events are participative and challenging events that make you think about what is best for your business. With a focus on action and results the events now have a special time set aside for participants to network and create business for themselves.

Recent comments about the events include: "challenging, inspiring and motivational", "made me step back and consider what I need to do" and "the push I needed to make the tough decisions". Kiki is an excellent speaker.

The events are always over-subscribed but some tickets are still available via The Directors' Centre.
3rd Nov - Let's Talk... More Profit - Wakefield
4th Nov - Let's Talk... Bright Marketing - Croydon
5th Nov - Let's Talk... Bright Marketing - Heathrow
12th Nov - Let's Talk... More Profit - Newport

Kiki Maurey - find out more about Kiki
The Directors' Centre - homepage
The Directors' Centre Let's Talk Events - webpage for the Let's Talk events
What do people get from attending? - see the blog entry and comments


Anonymous said...

Just book yourself on. Kiki is great!
She is not Robert (thankfully) and has a great angle. Good questions. Good attitude.

Morag said...

I'll be at Newport to see Kiki. Will tell you how she rates compared with Robert.

Anonymous said...

Class Act
Jim, BL