Friday, 3 April 2009

Start-Up Rates Not Declining (yet)! (the mystery vanishing post!)

Start-Up activity is always an indication of what's happening for the rest of us so.

Latest figures suggest that start-up activity in '07 and '08 were almost identical - 1% in it! Let's see what '09 brings!

Business Start-Ups in 2008 from says: "Figures released by Barclays show that the number of new businesses remained at high levels in 2008, rising from 432,300 in 2007 to 436,600.

The total number of businesses increased by 1 per cent.

In terms of percentage growth women outperformed in comparison to the national average and overtook men. Female-only starts ups increased by 9 per cent to more than 90,000 in 2008. Male-only start-ups showed a slight increase of less than 1 per cent, to 300,000.

  • Start-up activity increased by 8 per cent in Yorkshire and 6 per cent in the East Midlands. However, the number of businesses started up declined by 6 per cent in Wales and 3 per cent in the South West.
  • New property service firms fell by 13 per cent and there was an 8 per cent decline in businesses associated with construction. In contrast, start-up activity in the area of health, education and social work increased by more than 13 per cent."

Business Start-Ups in 2008

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