Sunday, 13 January 2008

Your Mobile Addiction!

I have been talking to lots of people recently about delegating more… letting others take the strain..., freeing you up to do the important stuff. Another part of that plan will be to stop your addiction to your Blackberry/email/mobile device.

Now is the time to get you out of the loop that is your belief that people have to talk to you in person (and right now), and if your phone doesn’t ring then you feel unloved…

Put a message on your device saying “Thank you for your enquiry but I am unable to reply right now – contact X to talk about this and contact Y to talk about that. I will be collecting messages at 4.00pm and will only be able to get back to you then”. Of course you’ll need to find a Mr X or Ms Y (in the office or on the web) to whom you can delegate the jobs.

What this does is train all your old dependents to look elsewhere for the answer they want.

If you have a semi-sophisticated answerphone then you can filter people to the appropriate extension but I am sure you get the idea; it is all about you stopping working IN the business and spending time working ON the business.

In essence, I am advocating the creation of a business model, a system that has you almost totally written out of the script. Now there’s a thought!

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