Saturday, 30 June 2007

Paper, Scissors, Stone and money off your meal!

Barclays teams I have been working with are now aware of a Burmese derivative of the kids' game 'paper, scissors, stone'. and now I see the traditional version being used to much better use than a bit of fun!

From Rochambeau - the tortilla people
"For today only, if you beat the cashier in a game of Rock Paper Scissors, you will earn $1 off any entrée item. But please, do not play the "extreme" variation and assault the cashier afterwards. Bask in your win while munching on some tortilla chips." (There's even a link to tell you how to win and how to cheat!)

This is so wonderful... An opportunity for your customer-facing people to really interact with customers. And a great piece of promotion. And a whole load of fun. I just love it. Wouldn't it be great if other retailers did the same.

For similar fun ideas visit The Innocent Village Fete - we saw the travelling fete in Bath yesterday and it brought more than just a smile to hundreds of happy Taste festival attendees. Every fete attendee got a decent sized free sample product. A great way to communicate brand values and how and why they are different from the rest!


Anonymous said...

A classic example of disruptive marketing.

Robert Craven said...

Anonymous (whoever you are...)

The Disruptive Marketing piece (only presented a few times) is all about finding different ways to sell to your client so that you stand out - not to be confused with disruptive technology.

There is a blog entry on this subject at
which is a developing ology...!