Friday, 11 December 2009

Ritz Carlton Update

An up-to-date interview on Ritz Carlton supports our earlier blog posts - How Ritz Carlton Stay at the Top (

Ritz-Carlton has become a leading brand in luxury lodging by rigorously adhering to its own standards.

It is the only service company in America that has won the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award twice, and Training Magazine has called it the best company in the nation for employee training.

Its unique culture starts with a motto: "We are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen." 

One of its remarkable policies is to permit every employee to spend up to $2,000 making any single guest satisfied.

Ritz-Carlton codifies its expectations regarding service in 

  • "The 12 Service Values" 
  • "The Credo" 
  • "The Three Steps of Service" 
  • "The 6th Diamond" 
  • and other proprietary statements that are taught to all 38,000 employees.

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