Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Dixons Selling On Price!!!

As Dixons say, they should be the last place you visit. See John Lewis and Dixons in Spat Over Ad

There are several ads that read like the following:

"Step into middle England’s best loved department store, stroll though haberdashery to the audiovisual department where an awfully well brought up man will bend over backwards to find the right TV for you."

Then the font changes into Dixon’s red and white lettering and adds:

"Then go to and buy it". It ends with the tagline: " - the last place you want to go".

Is this really clever or really dumb...?

Yes, it appeals to those buying on price but it also alienates the long-term middle-England John Lewis buyer. Maybe Dixons would never appeal to Mr/Ms JL.... maybe this is just a red herring designed to make Dixons look ubercool (=dumb) or maybe Dixons thought it was saying "we have the best prices so if you buy on price then come to us"

Yes, it has got the marketing fraternity talking but has it created more sales in the short term? (Maybe...) Has it created more Dixons customer loyalty in the long run? (I doubt it...)

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